Some time ago Emma Watson and his Rumoured boyfriend Dominic was spotted enjoying pizza in Los Angeles and now Emma gifted her Rumour boyfriend the Microsoft Surface laptop what she bought from Microsoft tech support phone number store.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 13.5 “Intel Core i5 (7th Gen) 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Burgundy – 7th Gen i5 Core – 8GB RAM – 13.5” Pixels in Screen – 2256 x 1504 Resolution – 256GB Solid State View and Microsoft Surface Price $849.00

 According to our sources Why Emma Microsoft Surface Laptops return to Salesman? said That Emma did not like the color of the Microsoft surface laptop ​​then Emma gave it this way, showing how much Emma loved her new boyfriend Microsoft Surface laptop, people use Microsoft tech support helped and People face different types of problems such as battery heat keyboard issues, etc. But Emma gave her boyfriend a Microsoft Surface laptop gift. they are also stunning products that seem to Emma loves her new boyfriend.

If Emma’s boyfriend made any problems with Microsoft Tech Support Phone Number product, then how can Dominic solve this?

Microsoft Battery Issues:

  • If not using a Surface device, and are having battery issues on a non-Microsoft PC, Microsoft tech support phone number recommend reaching out to the manufacturer of your PC for additional assistance. The content on this page is intended for Microsoft technical support helped Surface devices only and might not be applicable to non-Microsoft PCs. You can also use the Microsoft tech support help for help with your issue as well.
  • This content does not apply to Surface Studio models. For more information about the power for Surface Studio, see Troubleshoot power problems with Surface Studio.
  •  Some products of Microsoft helpline phone number team might not be available in your country or region.
  •  If considering having issues charging using a Surface Docking Station, or Surface Dock, see Troubleshoot Surface Dock and docking stations.

Laptop heating issues:

The cool environment helps to speed up the heat transfer and get the computer adequate cooling.

  • Find a cool room for your Windows 10 laptop. For example, a room with an air-conditioner is a good place to cool down the overheating laptop.
  • Use a laptop cooler which has a large cooling fan. It will help to cool down the machine by accelerating the airflow.
  • Place your Microsoft tech support software on a laptop stand that is angled off the desktop. This enables the computer fan to change heat with the air.