Jennifer is a young woman who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Her husband George is a businessman in Australia, due to which he comes to meet his wife once a year on a few days off. His wife Jennifer misses her husband One day she used to talk to him on a daily video call. Then she remembered that her anniversary was coming when she sent her husband to Australia for his anniversary. Thought to surprise. For which she started booking tickets for Australia but then suddenly her computer started having troubleshooting issues and her computer started hanging, due to which she was not able to make a booking, then at that time Jennifer’s friend Lora came to visit her house, seeing that Jennifer was very happy after that when Jennifer and Lora started talking and sitting at the same time, Jennifer asked Lora about the malfunction in her computer. Lora then Lora checked Jennifer’s computer and told that the computer had a virus, then Jennifer’s friend Lora suggested to them that you should download Norton Antivirus. I called and asked about installing and activating Norton Antivirus and then Norton customer service phone number gave Jennifer the complete information. After that, Jennifer’s computer system started running well and Jennifer booked her ticket to Australia. And then Jennifer thanked her friend Lora and Norton customer service Team.”

Installation Steps for Norton Customer Service Phone Number Antivirus

  • To start with the process, you have to visit and download the setup of the software from the official page of Norton customer service phone number.
  • Enter the email address and password that you want to associate with the account.
  • When done with the input of the information, click on the Sign In button.
  • If you are logging in for the first time you have to select the option of Install on this device.
  • After that, click Agree and Download to start with the process of download and as the download completes start installing the product on your system.
  • When the downloading of the antivirus is completed, you will be able to get Norton customer service phone number downloader program with it.
  • Search for the setup file in the Downloads folder and double-click it to start with the process of installing the software.
  • Follow the instructions that are available on the screen to complete the process.
  • Once you are done with the complete process, your product will be installed and activated.
  • To complete the process of installation, you have to feed the product activation key and Activate the Norton antivirus.

Why there is the requirement of the Norton customer service number team?

Norton antivirus helps us to be relaxed while using the internet on a computer, laptop or on some other devices. There is always a chance that the devices get infected by different malware due to internet usage. But if you find any issue in the antivirus itself, then it will stop functioning and detecting the malware. Here comes the need for the Norton customer service number team. Any problem relating to Norton could be solved easily with the help of the Norton customer service expert team. Whenever there is any problem in it, then that can create a hindrance in the proper functioning of the antivirus. In that situation instead of getting panic and wandering from where you will get assistance, you should contact the Norton customer service number team. They will help you sort out all the issues using modern techniques and technology.