Recently, I have shared the way to uninstall some antivirus applications from Windows. If you are using McAfee and cannot uninstall it correctly, follow the directions before to uninstall McAfee on Windows.

McAfee has a pretty trash reputation one of rightfully so and the PC community. Along with all this, everything makes McAfee bothersome is that it frequently behaves like anti virus and makes it hard to uninstall it.

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You’ll find McAfee on pre-built PCs at which PC manufacturers and OEMs install a variant of the paid version or the trial version. As soon as you get to the time limitation, McAfee starts bugging you renew or to update this product. In a world where Windows Defender is still doing pretty good and you will find a bunch of other great free antivirus programs such as Avast and AVG, there is not any reason to use McAfee. Particularly, Microsoft is improving Windows Defender with brand new features including Windows Defender Sandbox, Ransomware security , etc., therefore, if you’re trying to fully remove McAfee out of your Windows system there’s how to uninstall McAfee on Windows 10.

There are two strategies to eliminate McAfee out of Windows 10. The first technique is to use the control panel along with the next method uses the McAfee removal tool. To begin with, try out the first strategy. If you believe if you want to remove all McAfee products at the same time or McAfee hasn’t been uninstalled properly follow the method.

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Manual method
McAfee removal tool process
I’m showing the below operate on Windows 8 and Windows 7, although this on Windows 10.

Uninstallation enhanced over time. In the control panel, it is possible to uninstall McAfee like every applications installed on Windows. Follow the below steps to uninstall McAfee onto Windows 10 via the control panel.

1. Look for Control Panel from the start menu and then open it.

2. In the control panel, click the”Programs and Features” option.

3. This is the location where you can uninstall programs. Locate the McAfee anti virus, right-click on it and select the”Uninstall” option. In my situation, McAfee antivirus is named McAfee LiveSafe.

4. In the McAfee uninstall display, choose”McAfee LiveSafe” and then”Remove all files for this program” checkboxes and then click on the”Continue” button. When you examine the bottom of the screen you will see that McAfee is currently not uninstalling its Web Advisor program. We will need to uninstall it.

5. Inside this warning window, just click on the”Continue” button.

6. Once you click on the last button, McAfee starts to uninstall itself. It may take a while to fully uninstall McAfee on Windows 10. Sit back and wait.


8. Click the”Restart ” button to complete the McAfee uninstallation procedure.

1.1 Uninstall McAfee WebAdvisor
9. Bear in mind, we need to eliminate McAfee Web Advisor program. So, after restarting the system, proceed to”Control Panel -> Apps and Features”, click the McAfee Web Advisor and choose”Uninstall”.

10. McAfee can reveal false data to create you maintain the program. It is telling me that it has protected me from identity theft and theft that is password. Which is untrue. Simply click the”No thanks, simply uninstall it” button on the left side. Not the enormous blue button.

11. Whenever you click the button, then the application will be uninstalled.

12. To be sure McAfee is uninstalledand restart your machine.

13. After uninstalling McAfee, it keeps leftover files in the Program Files folder. Therefore, after restarting, start File Explorer, visit C:\Application Files, select McAfee and press Delete key on your computer.

14. If you find a warning window, simply click on the”last” button to delete the McAfee folder onto Windows 10.

That is it. You have successfully flashed McAfee on Windows 10. Follow the second method which uses removal instrument, if you are unsure or if are not able to uninstall McAfee.

2. Eliminate McAfee onto Windows 10 Using McAfee Removal Tool
Like antivirus programs, it can be hard to remove McAfee onto Windows 10 due to uninstallation difficulties or uninstallation. In these scenarios, you may use the McAfee removal tool to uninstall McAfee onto Windows 10. In fact, McAfee removal tool makes it easy to remove all McAfee products. Let me show you how.

1. Once downloadeddouble-click the document to execute the program.

2. In this screen, click the”Next” buttonagain.

3. For some reason (safety?) , you will need to enter a captcha. So, enter the displayed captcha and click”Next”.

4. Now, sit back and wait. The system will be scanned by the McAfee removal application for any McAfee products and uninstalls them automatically. It may take quite a bit of time to complete the procedure.

5. Once done, click the”Restart” button to restart Windows 10 to remove any remaining McAfee files.

That’s all. The removal tool may even eliminate zip files from Program Files folder from C drive. Thus, you don’t need to bother to remove them.

Hope that helps. Adhere to the above two approaches to re install McAfee on Windows 10 and share your experiences about removing or using McAfee on Windows 10.