Robert was a Scientist 2–3 days before Robert was working on his laptop then suddenly, all the Friends called him and demanded a party because his birthday was coming. On the party day, all the Friends went to his house. They danced a lot at the party. All Friends give lots of gifts. Especially Deborah Falconer gifted him the latest laptop as he knew that Robert loved the latest electronics.

Her wife Gifting him a laptop

The model name was Apple MacBook Air Core i6 89th Gen – (8 GB/512 GB SSD/Mac OS Mojave) MRE92HN/A. Its price is 1,34,990. Robert happy to see that and give her wife a huge. He loves making new projects on laptops.

Robert has done his project on his new laptop

On the next day to the birthday, he got a new project on science-related then he calls his partners to do the project together in his home. His team members were coming then he prepares all the things to help in their project. All the team members of the project were come and starting the project.

They are engaged in a project all week. Do not go to meet anyone. Deborah Falconer also came to meet him but she did not meet him either. He was busy in the project with his team members. 2 weeks later Robert and his teammates complete their project.

The virus comes in Robert’s Laptops

After a month of completing the project, the files of his laptops started to be interrupted and his laptop also started hanging. He showed the laptop repairmen that he told them that a virus has come in your laptop. Then they give him a McAfee tech support phone number for expert’s technicians. McAfee tech support soon solved the problems.

Then Robert Call McAfee Tech Support Phone Number and talk to the expert. The Expert comes home to solve the problem of Robert and Put McAfee Tech Support antivirus on his laptop. But they still like to buy the latest electronics and do new projects. And he also likes McAfee Tech Support.