Emma who is a model. She had a modeling shoot that was 15 days, so she was away from her family for 15 days. She was missing her mother a lot in her family, so she thought of making a video call to her mother as soon as she was free from her shoot. She makes video calls to her mother in the morning on Next Day and she is talking to her mother about her shoot and dress. At that time, in his video call, signals like virus started to appear in Emma’s laptop. So, because of which she is not a husband by continuing a video call with her mother and he disconnects in the video call. Because of this, Emma gets very angry. Then Emma’s mother calls her, why did the video call cut off all the time, the day Emma tells her mother that the virus got in her laptop, due to which the video call got cut in the middle.

Emma’s mother tell her to install Bitdefender Support antivirus

Emma asks her mother why should I install Bitdefender Support Number antivirus on my laptop?

So, Emma’s mother tells her that the features and security of Bitdefender Support antivirus are so good that the virus will never come again in your skin and she also tell her to call Bitdefender support number.


Emma’s mother tells Emma the benefits of Bitdefender

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Then Emma installs Bitdefender Support antivirus on her laptop and then she is talking to her mother again on a video call to her husband. Also, Emma calls the Bitdefender Support Number to confirm how Bitdefender Support works.  And shares all the things about his shoot. And she says that her service was very good, now she is able to do her laptop very comfortably.